Compare basic line and forte line in sunshades


Compare basic line and forte line in sunshades

These two categories offer different features to suit different needs and preferences.

As a distributor or buyer, understanding these differences is critical to making an informed decision. In this article, we will explore some of the differences between these two lines, focusing on aspects such as the thickness of the masts, the rods, the rod joining system, and the configuration of mast parts.

Mast thickness

  • Basic Line: This line is characterised by thinner masts, which makes them lighter and easier to handle. They are ideal for situations where mobility and ease of installation are a priority.
  • Forte Line: On the other hand, the Forte Line masts are noticeably thicker. This increased thickness ensures greater strength and durability, ideal for areas with more demanding climatic conditions.

Lateral Plus | Forte Line

Rib thickness

  • Basic Line: The ribs in this line are generally thinner, which contributes to the overall lightness of the parasol. Although sturdy enough for everyday use, they may not be as robust as the Forte Line.
  • Forte Line: Here we find thicker and stronger poles, designed to withstand heavier loads and to better resist strong winds. This feature is especially valuable in hospitality establishments located in exposed areas.

Patio Parasol | Basic Line

Rib connection system

  • Basic Line: The connection system in this line is simpler and more direct, which facilitates quick assembly and disassembly.
  • Forte Line: The rib connection system in the Forte Line is more sophisticated, providing a stronger and more stable connection between the rods and the mast. This is crucial to ensure the integrity of the parasol under adverse weather conditions.

Heavy Duty Parasol | Forte Line

One or two piece pole

  • Basic Line: Parasols in this line usually have two-piece poles. This makes them easier to transport and store, ideal for temporary or seasonal applications.
  • Forte Line: In contrast, the Forte Line often features one-piece poles. This feature provides superior strength and extended service life, making them an ideal choice for long-term deployments.

Parasol Ruedo | Basic Line

Heavy Duty Parasol | Forte Line

"Each line is designed to meet different needs, ensuring quality and efficiency in every selection".

In conclusion, the choice between the Basic Line and the Forte Line of sunshades depends largely on the specific use, the location, and the available budget. While the Basic Line offers practical and economical solutions, the Forte Line stands out for its robustness and durability. As a retailer or business owner in the hospitality sector, considering these differences will allow you to make a more informed decision that suits your needs. The right parasol not only improves the aesthetics of your space, but also ensures the comfort and safety of your customers.

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