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Protect your hospitality furniture with Conva covers: Multitex and Ripstop


Protect your hospitality furniture with Conva covers: Multitex and Ripstop

In the hospitality world, the presentation and condition of your furniture are crucial factors for leaving a positive impression on your clients.

That’s why at Conva, we offer protective covers: Multitex and Ripstop. These covers not only keep your valuable furniture in perfect condition but also provide water resistance, an essential feature for protection in outdoor environments.

Multitex Covers: Custom manufacturing and standard

  • Customization to measure: A key advantage of our Multitex covers is that they can be customized for a perfect fit. You can choose from our standard sizes or tailor the covers to your own specifications. This ensures that, regardless of the size or shape of your hospitality furniture, our covers will fit optimally, providing complete protection.
  • Water resistance: Our Multitex covers incorporate technology that guarantees water resistance. This means your furniture will stay dry and protected even in adverse weather conditions. Whether it’s a sudden rain or persistent moisture, you can trust that your furniture will remain optimally sheltered.

Ripstop Covers: Standard

For those facing more demanding conditions, our Ripstop Covers are the ideal choice. They offer advanced protection, ensuring a long life for your hospitality furniture. Whether your furniture is located on a terrace exposed to wind and rain or in a high-activity environment, Ripstop Covers will stand firm in their task of protecting them.

In addition to their durability, Ripstop Covers are also water-resistant, which means you can keep your furniture safe from moisture and water even in the most adverse conditions.

In summary, Conva offers Multitex and Ripstop protective covers for hospitality furniture, standing out for their customization ability, water resistance, and environmental commitment. Multitex covers are adjustable, recyclable, and come with a 3-year warranty, while Ripstop covers are ideal for more extreme conditions. Both lines ensure efficient protection, keeping furniture in perfect condition and providing peace of mind to owners.

At Conva, we understand the importance of protecting your high-quality hospitality furniture, and our covers are designed to meet this task.


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