Madera Parasol Ø2m – Ø3m – 2x2m – 3x3m | Ideal for contract and hospitality environments

Discover our wooden parasols for the hotel and catering industry available in 4 sizes (841, 842, 843, 844). Made of Beech wood, they offer optimal protection from the sun. Their locking system with a pin guarantees their stability. Enjoy the perfect shade on your terrace with style and quality!

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SKU: 841, 842, 843 & 844 | Beech wood sunshade

Introducing the perfect wooden parasol for your outdoor areas with our Beech Wood Parasol! Designed especially for contract and hospitality environments, this parasol guarantees quality and style in any outdoor space. Whether you are creating a cozy atmosphere in a hotel, restaurant, patio, garden or campsite, this parasol is the ideal choice to provide a memorable experience for your guests. Make the most of your outdoor areas with this quality parasol!

  • High-quality construction: Manufactured with first-class materials, the wooden parasol is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Its wooden structure guarantees excellent weather resistance and a long service life, making it a profitable investment for your outdoor installations.
  • Wide range of sizes: Available in four sizes: 2×2 meters, 3×3 meters, 3 meters in diameter (round) and 3 meters in diameter (square), you can choose the size that best suits your needs and available space. The wooden parasol offers you versatile options to create shady and comfortable areas in any environment.
  • Pin locking system: This parasol features an easy-to-use locking system that allows you to set the desired height with a simple pin. Adjust the height according to your customers’ needs and provide perfect shade all day long.
  • Elegant style: The  color of the Beech wood gives it a sophisticated and timeless look. This parasol will add a touch of class and distinction to any environment, enhancing the image of your establishment and creating a welcoming atmosphere for your customers.
  • Effective protection: The Madera parasol from the FORTE line offers ample shade, efficiently protecting from the sun’s rays, ideal for enjoying the outdoors without worries about the sun.
  • Superior durability: Made of sturdy beech wood and top-quality materials, it withstands the weather, offering a long-lasting solution for your outdoor spaces.
  • Distinctive style: Its elegant design and sophisticated wood color add a touch of class to any outdoor setting, enhancing the image of your establishment.
  • Easy installation and adjustment: With a simple locking system and one-piece pole, this parasol is effortlessly managed, allowing for quick and easy adjustments according to shade needs.
Fabrics available

We offer you a variety of carefully selected fabrics that provide durability and sun resistance. Here are the different types of fabrics available:

  • Standard Beige Polyester: This option is economical and basic. Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Acrylic Basic: Ideal for outdoor use, it has a liquid and dirt repellent treatment. Composition: 100% Acrylic
  • Masa Soft Acrylic: Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, it has a liquid and dirt repellent treatment and a 5-year color fastness guarantee. Composition: 100% Acrylic
  • Olefin 190 gr: Specially manufactured for outdoor use, this fabric has a liquid and dirt repellent treatment and offers high light and chlorinated water fastness. Composition: 100% Olefin

If you wish to know the available colors, we invite you to consult our fabric chart. Our team will be happy to help you choose the option that best suits your needs.

Compatible bases

TH30 (30kg) – TH137 (37kg) – MP40 (40kg) – HS40 (40kg)


Introducing sunsahde Protective Cover, the perfect complement to wooden parasols. This easy-to-install, water-resistant cover protects your parasol when not in use, keeping it in perfect condition and ready for its next use. For this parasol, the standard Ripstop cover (F/XR-PL01) and the custom-fit Multitex cover (103.1588) are available.


Discover the magic of personalization for your wooden parasols: a custom-made touch of authenticity! With our handcrafted screen printing, you can print captivating and durable designs directly on the surface of the parasols. If you prefer a more avant-garde style, vinyl offers you the freedom to apply glossy stickers in an infinite palette of colors and designs – transform your parasols into true works of art with these unique customization options!

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