Prepare your terrace for easter: tips for bars and hotels


Prepare your terrace for easter: tips for bars and hotels

Easter is just around the corner, and with it comes the good weather and the desire to enjoy the outdoors.

At Conva as experts in making any outdoor space look and feel amazing with our hospitality products, we want to give you some tips that will make your terrace the ideal place this season.

Revitalise your outdoor space

Easter is your calling card for the terrace season. A little cleaning and a few decorative adjustments can do wonders. Get a head start and create your outdoor space so it will be ready for the first days of sunshine and, most importantly, to welcome your guests.

A terrace without a good parasol is simply not complete. They offer shade, coolness and add a touch of style. With a variety of designs available, you can choose the one that best complements your space and creates the desired ambience.

Discover all our parasols and choose the one that best suits your space.

Round sunshades
  • Ø1,8 m: Parasol Playa
  • Ø2 m: Parasol Aqua, Parasol Aquatex, Parasol Feria, Parasol Madera
  • Ø2,5 m: Parasol Arena
  • Ø3 m: Parasol Ruedo, Parasol Heavy Duty
Rectangular sunshades
  • 1,80×1,30 m: Parasol Urban
  • 2×3 m: Parasol Zoco, Parasol Heavy Duty
  • 3×4 m: Parasol Master
Parasoles cuadrados
  • 1,55×1,55 m: Parasol Urban
  • 2×2 m: Parasol Arena, Parasol Via, Parasol Madera
  • 2,5×2,5 m: Parasol Patio
  • 3×3 m: Parasol Plaza, Parasol Heavy Duty, Parasol Lateral, Parasol Lateral Plus, Parasol Master, Parasol Madera
  • 3,5×3,5 m: Parasol Heavy Duty
  • 4×4 m: Parasol Master, Parasol Giant
  • 5×5 m: Parasol Giant 

Comfort and style: the perfect match

The choice of furniture is not just a question of style; it is the key to transforming your establishment into a welcoming haven that invites guests to stay longer. Imagine your outdoor space or chill-out area equipped with our exclusive collection of aluminium and wood furniture: each piece perfectly combines visual elegance with ergonomic comfort, ensuring that your customers enjoy every moment in the utmost comfort. Moreover, thanks to its weather resistance, this furniture promises to be not only an investment in the aesthetics of your space, but also in its long-term durability and functionality. Opt for our collection and ensure that your establishment is the destination of choice, where every detail speaks of quality and well-being.

Atmosphere: details that create experiences

The atmosphere of your terrace can define the experience of your customers. Use lighting to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites people to relax. LED lights are safe and effective options.

Make sure you have preparations to protect your customers from the sun, wind or rain. Outdoor heating systems can be a valuable investment for cooler evenings, ensuring that your terrace is a pleasant place to be, regardless of the temperature.

Easter can also be unpredictable in terms of weather. Consider having a solution for unexpected rainy days – don’t let the weather play tricks on you! Our protective covers can save you from those days, we have Multitex and Ripstop covers available.

"Easter is the perfect excuse to give your terrace the prominence it deserves".

In conclusion, with the guidance we offer and your vision to transform your space, your terrace is destined to become the most desired oasis this season. Imagine your customers choosing your establishment again and again, attracted by the unique ambience you’ve created. Now is the perfect time to anticipate, don’t miss this opportunity to stand out and be the meeting point during these special dates, act now and see your terrace come alive!

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