Olefin, the 100% recyclable fabric


Olefin, the 100% recyclable fabric

Characteristics of Olefin

Olefin fabric is one of the most versatile and durable materials for outdoor use.

It is made of a synthetic material that is resistant to sun, rain and other weather factors such as wind and temperature. Therefore, it is ideal for use in your parasols. In addition, the olefin fabric is highly resistant to UV rays and moisture. It is also very easy to clean, which makes it ideal for applications that require frequent cleaning. It is also very lightweight and tensile resistant.

That’s why we offer olefin fabric in all our parasols, so you have the option of using olefin fabric.

One example is our Giant sunshade, a large sunshade with olefin characteristics that can be easily cleaned and water repellent.


When it comes to choosing outdoor fabric options, there are many doubts whether to go for olefin or acrylic, another fabric that is often used in cushions and parasols. The main difference is that acrylic is composed of solution-dyed acrylic yarns, while olefin is composed of solution-dyed yarns made from polyolefin fibre. Both types of fabric are suitable for outdoor use, but olefin has several advantages.

  • Ecological

The production of olefin is environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process creates very little waste, and the fibre is 100% recyclable: it can be extruded into new yarn up to ten times.

  • GREENGUARD certified

Meets the highest standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs) to protect indoor air quality.

  • Water Resistant

Olefin performs exceptionally well with respect to water repellency. It does not absorb moisture and dries very quickly. (If you live in very rainy areas, you can rest assured that the fabric will not remain soaked after a passing rain). ) Olefin also repels moisture.

  • Fade and UV resistant

Outdoor fabric should not fade from exposure to the sun. That’s why olefin fabric was designed to stay as it was in the early days.

There are not many disadvantages to using olefin, however, it should be noted that this fabric is heat sensitive and should not be dried in a tumble dryer or ironed. Instead, let it air dry to maintain its shape. Luckily, olefin is easy to maintain: a simple wipe down with soap and water from time to time will keep it in top condition.

Discover the variety of weights and shades in the fabric chart.

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