Furniture and essential accessories for a cozy autumn terrace


Furniture and essential accessories for a cozy autumn terrace

Autumn is a lovely season that invites you to enjoy outdoor terraces with its warm colors and cool weather. If you own a hospitality business with a terrace, autumn is the perfect time to transform this space into a cozy oasis that attracts customers looking for outdoor experiences. In this article, we will explore three key elements to achieve this: patio heaters or umbrella heaters, comfortable and weather-resistant furniture, and LED lighting.

Heaters: Keep the warmth on cool nights

One of the main concerns in autumn is the drop in temperatures during the night. To ensure your customers can enjoy your terrace at any time, consider installing heaters on your umbrellas or terraces. These devices provide the necessary warmth to keep your customers comfortable, even when the thermometer reads lower temperatures.

Types of heaters:

  1. Carbon Lamp Heaters: An advanced heating solution that combines efficiency, comfort, and design. It is equipped with an infrared lamp with carbon elements that efficiently converts electrical energy into radiant heat.

  2. Halogen Lamp Heaters: An efficient and versatile heating solution that uses halogen technology to emit instant and targeted heat. It provides directional heat concentrated in specific areas.

  3. Mini Halogen Lamp Heaters: Similar to the previous one, but its compact and portable design makes it ideal for use in a variety of settings, both on umbrellas with their support and on terraces.

  4. Heater Stands: These stands are designed to securely and effectively hold the heaters, allowing for even heat distribution and easy adaptation to different outdoor space configurations.

Make sure to strategically distribute the heaters on your terrace to ensure that every corner is covered and your customers feel comfortable at all times.

Comfortable and Weather-Resistant Furniture: The Foundation of a Pleasant Experience

Furniture is essential for creating a cozy autumn terrace. You should choose pieces that are comfortable, attractive, and weather-resistant. This will ensure that your customers can relax and enjoy their outdoor time without worrying about the weather.

Consider the following when choosing furniture:

  1. Durable Materials: Opt for outdoor furniture made from materials that are water and UV-resistant.
  2. Padded Cushions: Padded cushions upholstered in water-resistant fabrics are essential for your customers’ comfort. Ensure that the cushions are easy to clean and maintain. You can check our color chart to see the features of each fabric.
  3. Modular Furniture: Modular furniture sets allow for versatility in seating arrangement. This is useful for accommodating different group sizes and adapting to your customers’ changing needs. Explore our aluminum collection with its wide range of models, sofas, armchairs, and corner pieces that you can mix and match as needed.

LED Lighting: Create a Cozy and Energy-Efficient Atmosphere

The right lighting can make a difference in the atmosphere of your terrace in autumn. LED lights are an excellent choice because they are energy-efficient and can create a cozy ambiance.

LED Lighting Ideas:

  1. Warm Light: A versatile and cozy lighting option that emits soft and friendly light. This LED technology is designed to provide a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in both indoor and outdoor spaces. 
  2. RGB Light: A versatile and exciting option that allows for a wide range of colors and lighting effects. It offers flexibility and creativity to transform the environment and create a unique and dynamic atmosphere in any space.

In conclusion, hospitality parasols are much more than just shade accessories. They are powerful tools to highlight your business and create a strong and memorable brand identity. Whether through design, decoration, personalisation or functionality, parasols can contribute significantly to your customers’ experience and the perception of quality of your business in the hospitality industry. By following these tips and being consistent in your approach, you can maximise the potential of parasols as key elements of your hospitality brand identity.

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