PF113 / PF114 Mouldable pouf | Ideal for comfortable hospitality spaces



Mouldable puff cushion. Available in two sizes 110x80x70 cm and 80x70x65 cm. A puff model with a defined shape with seams, which helps you to quickly find the desired posture. Available in different fabrics and colours.

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110x80x70 cm 80x70x65 cm


REF. PF113, PF114 | Mouldable pouf cushion

The mouldable pouf cushion is the perfect choice for creating a chill-out atmosphere and providing maximum comfort for your customers in outdoor areas. With its well-defined seams, this model allows you to easily find the most comfortable position to sit and relax, whether indoors or outdoors.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your outdoor facilities with the mouldable pouf cushion. Create an exceptional chill out area in your hotel, restaurant, terrace, garden or campsite, and offer your guests a cosy and relaxing space. Enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort – order today!

  • Mouldable design: The pouf cushion adapts to the shape of your body, providing ergonomic support and personalised comfort.
  • Weather resistant: Made from high quality materials that make it resistant to sun, rain and other weather elements, ideal for use in terraces, gardens, camp sites and open areas.
  • Versatility of use: Suitable for hospitality facilities, hotels, restaurants and any space you wish to convert into an outdoor relaxation and enjoyment area.
  • Easy maintenance: The pouf cushion is easy to clean and keep in good condition, saving you time and effort in its care.
  • Exceptional comfort: Your customers will enjoy an extremely comfortable seating experience thanks to the mouldable design of the pouf cushion.
  • Relaxed atmosphere: Create an inviting and welcoming chill-out atmosphere in your establishment, offering a space for rest and relaxation in the open air.
  • Guaranteed durability: The pouf cushion is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, ensuring durability and prolonged use.
  • Customer satisfaction: By providing quality and comfortable furniture, you will increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your reputation in the industry.
Available fabrics

Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite textures and fabrics on our website dedicated to our fabulous hospitality poufs! We have selected a variety of fabrics, each with its own personality and sun resistance, to ensure that our products are durable and solid. Let us introduce you to the available fabrics, each with its own distinctive charm:

  • Acrylic Basic: Indoors and outdoors, this fabric has a trick up its sleeve: a repellent treatment that defies liquids and dirt! Its 100% acrylic composition makes it an elegant choice.
  • Masa Soft Acrylic: Conquering interiors and exteriors in style, this fabric boasts a repellent treatment, while offering a 5 year colour fastness guarantee. It’s the definition of comfort and sophistication!

  • Nautic Class: A waterproof fabric designed to stand up to the outdoor elements. With a unique composition of 100% vinyl and 100% polyester, it’s tough and reliable, like a seasoned sailor sailing the seas.

  • Nautic Bio Plus: If you need a waterproof fabric with extra tear resistance, this is your ideal companion. Its combination of 100% vinyl and 100% polyester ensures it can withstand any outdoor adventure.

  • Nautic Melange: Imagine a waterproof fabric that looks like it was woven by the ocean waves themselves. This fabric, with its blend of 100% vinyl and 100% polyester, captures the essence of marine nature and is ready to take outdoor style to a new level.

    Looking for the perfect colour? Explore our colour chart and discover a stunning palette that will complement any environment – we’ll be happy to accompany you on your journey to find the ideal option to suit your needs and elevate your experience of relaxation and comfort to new heights!

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