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Sunshade curtain: Protects from the cold, wind and rain. Compatible with Master and Giant parasols. Available in 2,3,4 and 5 metre widths. The perfect solution to look after your customers and ensure their comfort outdoors!


Universal sunshade curtains

The sunshade enclosure curtain fits Master or similar sunshades with ground fixing or Master and Giant sunshades with cross base, it is available in 2,3,4 and 5 metre widths. This curtain is ideal to protect customers from the cold, wind or rain, it incorporates a transparent window.

  • White or black lacquered aluminium profiles: These profiles provide weather resistance and an elegant aesthetic appearance to complement your outdoor areas.
  • Anchors on the top profile: The anchors are easily attached to the parasol rods, ensuring a secure and hassle-free installation.
  • Ground fixing option: The lower profile can be fixed to the ground, providing additional stability and ensuring the shade stays in place, even in windy conditions.
  • Installation accessories included: The curtain comes with all necessary accessories for quick and easy installation, without the need to search for additional components.
  • Master and Giant sunshade compatibility: This shade fits perfectly with the popular Master and Giant sunshade models, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly with your existing sunshades.
  • Suitable height: The shade has a height of 2.05 m or 2.22 m, providing optimal coverage to protect your customers from wind, cold and rain.
  • Weather protection: Keep your customers comfortable and protected from the cold, wind and rain while they enjoy your outdoor areas, such as terraces, gardens or open areas.

  • Enhance the customer experience: By offering a protected and comfortable space, your customers will be able to enjoy your outdoor facilities for longer, which translates into higher satisfaction and possibly increased sales.

  • Versatility and adaptability: The curtain is compatible with a wide range of sunshades, allowing you to leverage your existing investments and save costs on new equipment.

  • Attractive aesthetics: The black or white lacquered aluminium profiles add a touch of style and elegance to your outdoor areas, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for your customers.

  • Easy installation: Thanks to the included anchors and accessories, the curtain can be installed quickly and easily, saving time and effort.

  • Durability and strength: The black or white lacquered aluminium profiles are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, ensuring long life and reliable performance.

  • Suitable for a variety of businesses: Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, campsite or other outdoor business, the curtain is a versatile and practical solution to enhance your outdoor facilities.

Fabrics available
  • Transparent PVC + PVC Colour:

This combination of clear PVC and PVC in vibrant colours offers you a versatile solution for your curtains. In addition to providing privacy, the clear PVC allows natural light to pass through, while the coloured PVC adds a touch of style and personality to your space.

  • Clear PVC + Acrylic Masa Forte:

Our clear PVC fabric combined with Masa Forte acrylic is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With liquid and dirt repellent treatments, this option is highly resistant and durable. In addition, Masa Forte acrylic offers high light fastness, maintaining its original colour and appearance over time.

  • Clear PVC + Olefin:

If you are looking for an option that is both water and light resistant, clear PVC fabric combined with olefin is the ideal choice. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this material features liquid and dirt repellent treatments as well as a high light and chlorinated water fastness. The 100% Olefin composition ensures exceptional durability.

Explore our wide selection of fabrics and choose the one that best suits your style and functionality – don’t wait any longer to enjoy the benefits of our curtains!

  1. Drill a hole in each rod to accommodate the supplied eyebolt. Use a drill bit of the correct size according to the specification of the eyebolt and make sure you drill the hole in the correct position on each rod.

  2. Once you have drilled the holes, place the eyebolt in each hole. Make sure it is firmly tightened. To make it even more secure, use the nuts provided and tighten them correctly.

  3. Now it is time to hang the curtain. Take the open end of the curtain and thread it through the eyebolt on each rod. Make sure the curtain is completely hung and correctly aligned.

  4. If you want more stability, you can use the supplied washer plate to fix the product to the floor. Place the plate in the designated area and secure it correctly using the appropriate screws.

    And that’s it! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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