Cushions for loungers in Textilene and Batyline fabrics: The ideal choice for coastal environments in the hospitality


Cushions for loungers in Textilene and Batyline fabrics: The ideal choice for coastal environments in the hospitality

When it comes to hospitality projects in coastal environments, choosing the right furnishings is essential to provide a pleasant experience for customers and ensure durability in challenging conditions. In this respect, sun lounger cushions play a key role, and Textilene and Batyline fabrics have emerged as leading options.

Unsure which fabric to choose? Discover the features and benefits of each fabric.


Textilene fabric: Strength and durability at the coast

A trusted partner for marine environments

Textilene is a synthetic fabric made from PVC coated polyester yarns, giving it strength and durability. Its open, interwoven design allows for optimum breathability, preventing moisture build-up and mildew formation, which is especially beneficial in coastal environments where humidity and salinity can be a problem.

This fabric is noted for its water repellency, making it a perfect choice for sun loungers in areas close to the sea. It is also highly resistant to fading caused by exposure to UV rays, ensuring that the cushions keep their fresh and vibrant appearance for a long time, even under intense sunlight.

It comes in a wide variety of colours, giving hospitality owners the opportunity to customise the style of their sun loungers and create an attractive aesthetic that is consistent with the coastal environment.

In addition to its weather resistance, Textilene is easy to maintain. Its smooth, non-porous surface allows for easy cleaning with mild soap and water, which is essential in environments where frequent cleaning is necessary to maintain a hygienic and pleasant environment for customers.

Batyline fabric: Comfort and style without compromises

Immerse yourself in coastal comfort and elegance: Explore the excellence of Batyline Fabric for sun loungers and outdoor furniture.

Batyline fabric is another popular material for sun lounger cushions in coastal hospitality projects. It is composed of polyester fibres coated with PVC, which gives it exceptional outdoor resistance and durability.

However, what really sets Batyline fabric apart is its unrivalled comfort. Unlike other synthetic fabrics, it offers a soft and pleasant feel, elevating the experience for customers as they relax in the sun and take in the coastal scenery. Its ergonomic surface provides optimal support for the back and body, inviting visitors to enjoy moments of absolute relaxation.

In addition to its comfort, the Batyline stands out for its ability to resist water. Its liquid-repellent nature ensures that any spills or splashes slide off without being absorbed, making it easy to clean and preventing stains from forming. This is especially beneficial in wet and near-sea environments where salinity and moisture are common.

In conclusion, whether in hotels, resorts or beachfront restaurants, investing in sun lounger cushions in these fabrics will ensure that guests enjoy a pleasant and relaxing experience, while owners can be confident that their furniture will look as good as new for a long time to come. The smart choice of furnishings can make all the difference to the perceived quality and comfort of an establishment, and Textilene and Batyline fabrics are a smart choice for hospitality projects in coastal environments.

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